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Welcome to my blog.

I’m an energetic, slim, reasonably pretty thirty-year-old. However, I reside in a rather shocking, obese, aching, apathetic 55-year-old body. I love living in Austin but I’m chock-full of criticism of America in general. The Rockies bring me to tears, but so does the health care system. I’ve adopted Thanksgiving, but not the Pledge of Allegiance. If I seem elated and unbearably grouchy in sometimes schizophrenically quick succession, this is why.

I love the usual: my husband, my children, my friends and our pets. I hate heat, willful ignorance, bone spurs, spiders, and walking or cycling in place.

I collect raft books and I’ve developed a weird obsession with the bottoms of bridges.

When I lived in the Netherlands, twenty-three years ago, I loved hot tea, wild camping in Great Britain, gardening, reading for days on end, and I walked and cycled everywhere. Now that I live in a pretty darn hot part of the US, with kids who have to be driven everywhere by car, I love reminiscing about hot tea, wild camping in Great Britain, gardening, reading for days on end and walking and cycling everywhere…

My blog is a crazy—some might say completely unhinged–collection of posts about any of the above-mentioned issues and then some. Nothing is sacred. I blatantly ignore all American no-nos. Which means I talk politics, religion, I don’t idolize  teachers and I swear (but not that much).

As you read my posts you might laugh, seethe, weep or shrug your shoulders. If you like a post, great. Let me know. If you hate a post, great, let me know. I’d like to think I’m always right, but don’t let that stop you from telling me if you disagree. We Dutch love a good debate.

If you want to know more about how I ended up in America and an overview of how that’s been, visit my About page.

Otherwise, have at it!

(In my posts, I refer to my husband as T, my 19-year-old son as B, and my 17-year-old daughter as R.)

Trump and Fox, Good Luck!

Image: dalilymail.com

Image: dalilymail.com

It was appropriate that T, R and I spent Presidents’ Day weekend in the Texas Hill Country, without Internet, and therefore gloriously Trump-free. When we came back not much had changed; it was the weekend after all, so Trump had been mostly spending the taxpayers’ money golfing in Florida.

One thing our fibbing Fox fan-in-chief did do was mention something that happened in Sweden. Correction: something that didn’t happen in Sweden. He thought something happened in Sweden because he was watching Fox and someone on the screen mentioned Sweden, perhaps right around the time his daughter walked by. And when you’re Trump, and you’re, like, really smart, why would you get your information from your topnotch intelligence community when you can watch Fox and Friends instead, which doesn’t involve any, like, reading?

Yeah, that was snarky, but wouldn’t it be ironic if the biggest fan of Fox “News” was actually the one to prove to all those other Fox fans out there that what Fox provides is usually at best marginally factual? If Trump–who has called the mainstream media “the enemy of the people”,  always making an exception for Fox–would unwittingly, stupidly, bring down the only news network that’s been mostly in favor of him?

After all, the reason people believe what Fox and right-wing talk shows tell them is that they all support one another, all bouncing around and feeding off one another in the right-wing echo chamber. Other news stations can point out falsehoods and fact-check Fox fables until they’re blue in the face, but the folks who watch Fox “News” don’t watch or read the reporters who do the fact-checking. Or, if they do and they don’t like what they hear or read, they can discard it as “fake news”.

Now that Trump is in the picture, however, things have gotten more complicated. He re-tweets and shares in his self-congratulatory yell sessions everything he sees on TV, and since he’s the president of the United States of America (cough), people pay attention. Like, all over the world. He mentions something that didn’t happen in Sweden and it’s not just that homo Anderson Cooper on the Devil’s own CNN claiming that nothing happened–the entire country of Sweden claims nothing happened. That’s pretty hard to ignore. Try telling yourself that that’s fake news.

I predict that there’s going to be more of this. Like King George says in the musical Hamilton (in a completely different context, but I just happen to have Hamilton on the brain):

“They’re going to tear each other into pieces,
Jesus Christ, this will be fun!”

Working on Wellness: Yoga Studio, Sworkit and Calm

034_edited-1Yesterday I discussed Habitica, an app that I find not just helpful, but fun to use as an incentive to improve my mental and physical health. Today I’ll discuss the other three, as promised. Continue reading

Working on Wellness: Habitica

Image: habitica.com

Image: habitica.com

Twenty-three years ago this month, I emigrated to the United Stated. Or so I thought at the time. I now know that emigration is a process that lasts the rest of one’s life. Maybe it’s easier for someone who emigrates from a developing country, for someone who always wanted to come to America. I never did. And when I came, I thought it was temporary. I now know it’s not. Continue reading

America, Your Democracy Just Got Fired

Image: businessinsider.com

Image: businessinsider.com

The March for Women’s Rights was nice and all, and it’s encouraging to see so many people flock to airports around the country to protest the Muslim ban, but overall I’m extremely pessimistic right now. Today we saw how easy it is to replace a democracy with a dictatorship, checks and balances be damned. Continue reading

How Stupid Is This? Let Me Count the Ways

Image: usatoday.com

Image: usatoday.com

Since I’m in a counting mindset, let me also count the ways it’s stupid of Trump to insist that he would have won the popular vote, were it not for those millions of illegal immigrants and other fraudulent voters. Continue reading

Civil, Angry, Civilly Angry?

Image: snopes.com

Image: snopes.com

My friend and neighbor had a dilemma two days ago. He wanted to “like” my post to support my family going to the march, but he himself has started holding meetings in Austin to discuss how we can bring back the civil discourse, and my last post wasn’t that civil. Continue reading

Women’s March Successful

20170121_130321The Women’s March in protest of the degenerate-in-chief was a yuge success. Shall I count the ways? I think I shall. Continue reading