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I Can Prove It!

Finally, I managed to take a picture of the deer along the side of the road in our subdivision.

They barely look up when I drive by, but when I slow down or stop, they are all on high alert. I have tried before to take a picture through an open window, but that never works, so this time I kept the window up and just drove by really slowly, clicking my phone camera as I went.

That’s as good as it gets.Three of them are pretty clear, but there are two or three more among the trees that don’t really show.  But at least it’s proof for my friends and family in the Netherlands who probably think I’m exaggerating about the deer.

I’ve got a small translation, so the coming two weeks I won’t be writing much, and I’ll probably be posting a photo every now and then at most. I’ll try to keep up with all the posts I’m following, though.