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How Stupid Is This? Let Me Count the Ways

Image: usatoday.com

Image: usatoday.com

Since I’m in a counting mindset, let me also count the ways it’s stupid of Trump to insist that he would have won the popular vote, were it not for those millions of illegal immigrants and other fraudulent voters. Continue reading

Civil, Angry, Civilly Angry?

Image: snopes.com

Image: snopes.com

My friend and neighbor had a dilemma two days ago. He wanted to “like” my post to support my family going to the march, but he himself has started holding meetings in Austin to discuss how we can bring back the civil discourse, and my last post wasn’t that civil. Continue reading

I Pledge Intolerance to Bigotry

safety-pinThings changed profoundly in this country on November 8. Mostly for the worse. In so far as things changing for the better, as far as the better half waking up and smelling the shit–it was all too little and too late. Continue reading

America, I Just Want to Slap You!

Image: time.com

Image: time.com

I know that anger is one of the stages of grief, as pundits are pointing out right now, but you know what? This isn’t grief. This isn’t about something that’s lost already–it’s about something that we are watching as it goes down the drain before our eyes. Continue reading

The Days After

Image: usatoday.com

Image: usatoday.com


This is day five since Trump was elected to be the next president of the United States, and realizing that all three branches of government will be Republican come January. Continue reading

Land of the Free to Be Ignorant and Ridiculous

Image: talkingpointsmemo.com

Image: aslkingpointsmemo.com

In the spirit of refueling, I downloaded an app with Dutch news from different media. And right away an article in Elsevier caught my eye.

It’s about a Muslim school in the town of Zaandam, that sued four parents of former students for slander and libel. Continue reading

Narcissists and Power

Here’s a good article about narcissists, and why they should never be given as much power as Americans could give Trump in November.