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Burnt Lodge Pines

Photo challenge: Look up:





In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”


Homeless woman in Philadelphia


Snowdonia 8

Not the best quality image but it was the first that came to mind. I converted this from a slide from the 80s. This is on the path up to Mount Snowdon, in Wales. It was cloudy, incredibly windy and it was my first ever mountain. It definitely felt dreamy.

If I Had a Semi

image: terrain.org

image: terrain.org

The daily writing prompt asks what skill I’d like to have in my back pocket.

Well, years ago I saw a truck driver back a semi into a parking space between two other semis, straight as a ruler and with about a foot to spare on both sides. Now that’s clever. Continue reading

And Then the Music…

DSC_0024_edited-1You can’t walk around New Orleans’ French Quarter or the Marigny without coming across street musicians.

They’re all amazing. Continue reading

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

DSC_0043_edited-1Due to the high water table, most of New Orleans’ dead aren’t buried but rather entombed in “cities of the dead”. More info here.

If you visit Nawlins, a cemetery  should be on your must-see list. Continue reading

Where Am I?

We went on a little trip. Guess where.


Don’t know yet? Here’s another clue: