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Fascism in America 5: A Little Detour to the Dutch Police

amsterdam rellen 1966

Image: anp-archief.nl

At first this post was going to be about authoritarianism. It is, but only in the Netherlands. When I write the next post about authoritarianism in America, a lot of it will deal with the police, and before discussing that, it’s important for you to know where I’m coming from. So, first a brief history lesson and a tour of my first workplace as a librarian. Continue reading

Surprise? I Think Not


make americ agreat again

Image: atlantic.com

In an otherwise good article, Ann Marie Cox claims that Trump’s success in this GOP primary race could not have been foreseen with logic or by looking at history.

Really? Continue reading

Revoke the License to Kill

image: nytimes.com

image: nytimes.com

I take it back; this isn’t a series about police training alone, but about all of it, since it’s all so interconnected.

The first thing that should change in American police policy, in my opinion, is allowing officers to use lethal force any time they feel threatened. Continue reading

Police Training within the Police Hierarchy: A Bad Idea

image: kombijdepolitie.nl

image: kombijdepolitie.nl

It seems that in America, many police forces do their own training. So the police teach recruits what they think the police should know and how they should act. Where’s society’s input? Continue reading

1984: Dutch Police Training Adjusts to Society

img876_edited-1I have been pointing out that something has to be done about American police training  in practically every post I’ve ever written about the police. America is finally catching on. Increasingly, there are calls for changes in police training after the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York City. Continue reading

When Are We Going to Get Angry?

image: wn.com

image: wn.com

I’ve got to vent about this police state we live in again. NaPoWriMo kept me happy-happy for a while, but I have no goodbye poem (today’s prompt), so that’s over.

Have you seen this video of a Georgetown cop at a high school football game? Continue reading

Open Letter to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo

art acevedoDear Police Chief Acevedo,

I’m an Austin resident. I drive my kids downtown to school every morning and back every afternoon. Since I’ve been driving the same route twice a day for five years, I’ve befriended some of the homeless who stand on corners I almost always stop at. These guys sleep mostly under bridges and overpasses. Continue reading