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Vibrant, the theme for this week’s photo challenge.

New Orleans, spring 2012

New Orleans, spring 2012

Photo Challenge: Doors

This week’s photo challenge is doors.




And Then the Music…

DSC_0024_edited-1You can’t walk around New Orleans’ French Quarter or the Marigny without coming across street musicians.

They’re all amazing. Continue reading

Krewe du Vieux: A Fun Family Outing

image: bestofneworleans.com

image: bestofneworleans.com

When you think of New Orleans–if you ever think of New Orleans, that is–you think of music and Mardi Gras parades.

We saw the very first parade of the season: the Krewe du Vieux. Apparently it’s always extremely crude, but we didn’t know that. Continue reading

Barataria Country

DSC_0077_edited-1South of New Orleans the land turns into real swamp and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. This area is generally called Barataria Country or just the Barataria, which includes swampy land and Barataria Bay and Barataria Sound. The elevation is no more than a few feet. The movie The Beasts of the Southern Wild was filmed here. Continue reading

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

DSC_0043_edited-1Due to the high water table, most of New Orleans’ dead aren’t buried but rather entombed in “cities of the dead”. More info here.

If you visit Nawlins, a cemetery  should be on your must-see list. Continue reading

Those Cool New Orleans Nights

image: dancecenter.com

image: dancecenter.com

An empty lot in the middle of the Rue Royal had been taken over by sellers of hand-made jewelry and such. It was evening and getting cooler. One lady sat in her folding chair, laboriously pulling hot pink (much hotter than in the photo), ruffled, nylon bloomers on over her leggings, explaining that there’s nothing like synthetic bloomers for keeping your thighs warm. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture