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Who’s That Caroling From Muscle Memory?

xmastree_edited-1Every year, on the first Saturday in December, John Aeilli–host of the KUTX program Eclecticos–and a few other public radio people lead the Christmas caroling on the steps of the Texas Capitol and my family and I always join in. Yes, I know, no separation between church and state, but I pick and choose which principles I stand for as much as the next person. So sue me. Continue reading

And Then the Music…

DSC_0024_edited-1You can’t walk around New Orleans’ French Quarter or the Marigny without coming across street musicians.

They’re all amazing. Continue reading

Mix Tape: The Loves of My Life

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTZAdjMDLl4 Continue reading

Live Music Capital of the World: Willie Nelson

image from politicaljack.com

image from politicaljack.com

Of course I had to end with Willie Nelson, or just Willie, as we call him in Austin. He didn’t make it in Nashville, so he moved to Austin in the early seventies. Austin quickly adopted him as their own. Just recently, 2nd Street was renamed Willie Nelson Boulevard, and a statue was unveiled before the W hotel. He turned 80 in April of this year. Continue reading

Live Music Capital of the World: W.C. Clark

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Live Music Capital of the World: Janis Joplin

One of the many art guitars scattered around Austin, this is one of the first you see when you fly in, because it's right there in the airport.

One of the many art guitars scattered around Austin, this is one of the first you see when you fly in, because it’s right there in the airport.

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Live Music Capital of the World: Stevie Ray Vaughan

image from covershut.com

image from covershut.com

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Guy Forsyth is Coming to a Town near You!

image from flickriver.com

image from flickriver.com

Guy Forsyth is one of Austin’s great musicians. T and I have seen him perform several times. He’s awesome! And he’ll be in Europe for eleven concerts in eleven days, including three in the Netherlands! You are so lucky!

Have a look…

1978: A Rockin’ Year to be Seventeen

Evolution of X just had a post about her memories of 1978. She invited readers to do the same.

So, let’s see. Not in chronological order: Continue reading

Lenin’s Favourite Songs: A Copyright Question

(Image from Wikipedia)

(Image from Wikipedia)

So in my last post I wrote the story of how I got this tape of Russian music, that I thought was called Lenin’s Favourites. I have looked high and low for a CD of the music, in all the music shops, on Amazon, etc. It’s not to be found and no one has even heard of it. Continue reading

How Lenin Made My Day

(Image from biography.com)

(Image from biography.com)

I will have a question in my next post.

But first the story.

In the summer of 1989, two years before I met my husband, my girl friend H and I went backpacking in the Cairngorms in Scotland. We took the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull, hitchhiked to the Cairngorms, Continue reading

Top Ten Musical Memories

When I hear a song I haven’t heard for a while, I immediately remember where I first heard it, or where I bought it, or which hangout played it a lot. . .

I thought I’d share some of them.

1. Morning Town Ride by The Seekers Continue reading

Armadillos and Music

Two of the great things about living in Austin are the wildlife and the music. One of my favorite Austin bands is The Austin Lounge Lizards, and one of my favorite Austin Lounge Lizard songs is “Arnold”.  I feel like I’ve posted this before, but I can’t find it. And if you’ve listened to it before, I know you will love to listen to it again. Continue reading

Fillaflah Revealed

Okay, this is neither here nor there. Or it’s both. It has nothing to do with being an immigrant, though. Just with being a 51-year-old user of modern technology. Every now and then there’s this technology moment that blows my mind. The younger you are, the less you will understand this, but my contemporaries will. Continue reading

Sponteaneous Piano

Austin never ceases to surprise me. One day last spring, on a walk with R along Town Lake, I suddenly saw a piano at our favorite break spot. A few days later it was gone again.

Austin Musicians

Last night we went to a fundraising concert for our school. This year is its tenth anniversary! Bob Schneider was great by himself, better than the time we saw him with his band on the big stage at the Nutty Brown Cafe–less generic sounding. I had never seen Alejandro Escovedo, even though I’ve heard  his performances announced on the local radio for years. He and his band were phenomenal. He has a violinist and a cellist along with a regular rock group and it gives it a wonderfully deep sound. Loved it.

So I thought I’d do a post listing a few of my favorite  musicians that are based in and around Austin. Here goes. Continue reading

Airport Guitar 1

A blog that I visit a lot is A Flamingo in Utrecht, which has wonderful photos of Utrecht, the Netherlands: streetscapes, vistas, and photos of everyday life. It inspired me to post regular photos of Austin. It doesn’t have much to do with being a Dutch immigrant here, but oh well. I love Austin and all its quirkiness, so let’s just say it’s a counterweight to all my griping. Continue reading

Gerard and Willy

Another strange link in music: I was about fifteen, I think, in Holland, in high school at the Werkplaats in Bilthoven, when Gerard Cox had a hit. “‘T Is Weer Voorbij, Die Mooie Zomer“. Roughly translated it’s “Summer’s Over.” Continue reading


Living in America, the music I used to listen to in Holland as a teenager and college student now has a whole new dimension. Take ZZ Top. I was in the second year of library school in Deventer, around 1980. My boyfriend and I had broken up but we still lived in the same student house and he would play his music really loud when he got back from the bar at 1 a.m. He drove me nuts, pretty much literally. And definitely consciously. A friend of mine who was in a biker phase at the time introduced me to ZZ Top and it was the perfect music for being mad. Continue reading