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This Entire Fucking Country is Mentally Ill

school shooting Florida 2-2018

Image: usatoday.com

So there was yet another school shooting. The eighteenth this year, I believe, and the year is only 45 days old.

Again we hear the nightmare stories of children hearing and watching and feeling their friends get murdered in the next classroom, in front of them, on top of them… Continue reading

Fascism in America 10: Suppression of Dissent and Propaganda

trump tv

Image: thedailybeast.com

Suppression of Dissent

An important aspect of fascism or any kind of dictatorship is forcible suppression of opposition. In a fascist country, the state is all-powerful and all-important–if you’re not for it, you’re against it and therefore an enemy of the state. Continue reading

Land of the Free to Be Ignorant and Ridiculous

Image: talkingpointsmemo.com

Image: aslkingpointsmemo.com

In the spirit of refueling, I downloaded an app with Dutch news from different media. And right away an article in Elsevier caught my eye.

It’s about a Muslim school in the town of Zaandam, that sued four parents of former students for slander and libel. Continue reading

Ignorance in the Information Age

image: scientificamerican.comIn my last post I said I believe that in the long run humanity is getting better, in part due to the ready availability of information. In the short term, though, easy access to information has it’s downsides as well. Continue reading

Thugs in the Spotlight

image from tumblr.com

image from tumblr.com

Right around the time I wrote my post about Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler, there was also a meme going around Facebook asking not to make stupid people famous. So I wondered if I–with many others–was guilty of giving this guy the spotlight, or if I was doing the right thing in drawing attention–again, along with many others–to a disconcerting phenomenon. Continue reading

Reese and the Police

image from foxnews.com

image from foxnews.com

So last week “America’s sweetheart” Reese Witherspoon’s husband was arrested because he was driving while drunk. Bad. Badbadbadbadbad. You get no argument from me there.

But Reese herself was arrested as well. Why? She got out of her car. Not only that, but when the police officer told her to get back in the car, she drunkenly told him she had a right to stand on American soil. Gasp! The horror! How dare she!?! And it didn’t stop there. No sirree;  when the cop was putting on the handcuffs, she asked him . . .

wait for it

Point in Case

(Image from media1.policymic.com)

(Image from media1.policymic.com)

Yesterday I wrote about Dickens’ experience in America in 1842. One of the things that shocked him was the pride Americans had about carrying weapons. Continue reading