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Dear NBC, About that Episode of The Blacklist…

Image: nbc.com

Image: nbc.com

Dear Blacklist producers,

I’ve been binge-watching season 3 on Netflix. Since you probably won’t actually be reading this and others will, allow me to set it up.

James Spader plays a larger than life, debonair master criminal who helps the FBI bag other master criminals, but really, the FBI is helping him in plans it has no knowledge of.

It’s an enjoyable enough series, but the end of episode 10 got my goat. Don’t worry, producers, I won’t spoil anything. Continue reading

Open Letter to Trump’s Deplorables

Image: talkingpointsmemo.com

Image: talkingpointsmemo.com

Dear Trump supporters,

By now nobody  can ignore that Trump’s an outright racist, misogynist, homophobe, islamophobe and xenophobe. The evidence in speeches, interviews and on Twitter is overwhelming. I agree with Hillary Clinton that most of the folks that still support him are also racists, homophobes, islamophobes and xenophobes, and that’s definitely deplorable. Continue reading

Open Letter to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo

art acevedoDear Police Chief Acevedo,

I’m an Austin resident. I drive my kids downtown to school every morning and back every afternoon. Since I’ve been driving the same route twice a day for five years, I’ve befriended some of the homeless who stand on corners I almost always stop at. These guys sleep mostly under bridges and overpasses. Continue reading

Open Letter to Mark Kessler, Police Chief of Gilberton, PA

Dear Mr. Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, Continue reading

Dear Pro-Gun Folks

That signs like this are necessary outside schools is already ridiculous enough.

That signs like this are necessary outside schools is already ridiculous enough.

So you would like to see teachers walking around with assault weapons slung over their shoulders. Your focus is on the idea that those teachers would shoot the killer.

You’re overlooking several aspects of the issue. Continue reading

An Audience of One: My Dad

The daily writing prompt a few days ago: to write a post for someone I wish was reading my blog.

It feels a bit weird writing you in English, and I don’t think I can call you Dad instead of Pappie, but here goes. Continue reading

I’m Disappointed in You, Anderson!

I know that compared to western Europeans Americans are generally less concerned with privacy, and celebrities–regardless of what they’re famous for– are fair game, but the whole Courtney Stodden affair seems a really good case for at least protecting children’s privacy somehow, if only to protect children from themselves if they don’t have parents who look out for their best interests. Continue reading