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Writing Prompt 1984: Paquette and the Nazis

This post doesn’t live here anymore. It emigrated to my other blog:

The Big No-No:  An Outsider on American Fascism,

where it resides under the title:

“Paquette and the Nazis: or: Books and Babies, the Stuff of Nightmares”

Les Miserables: Pretty Miserable

(Image from Wikipedia)

(Image from Wikipedia)

High time for a new post, but I have very little time right now. So I’m being lazy and posting a comment I left on a post about Les Miserables. (How do you put accents on letters in WordPress?)

I saw the show about twenty years ago, in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. I read the book about 15 years ago, and I saw the movie recently. I absolutely loved the book. It’s like a Dickens novel on steroids and suffering from depression. Continue reading