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My Hiking Identity: Mourning My Losses 2

img659So in yesterday’s post, I mentioned some of the ways in which immigration has changed and/or affected my identity. Continue reading

Don’t Let the “Maggie” Fool You

image from nbcbayarea.com

image from nbcbayarea.com

Margaret Thatcher is dead. Don’t let the cutesy “Maggie” fool you. Or the almost nostalgic movie with Meryl Streep. Thatcher was hated by many in Europe. The stupid Falklands War, being buddy-buddy with Reagan, her complete disdain for the British working class, the Poll tax (same percent income tax for everyone) which ended up being her downfall, and–especially pertinent today in America–her ban on saying anything positive about gays in public and in the media. Which made Tom Robinson’s song all the more popular. People sang it at a concert I was at in Edinburgh like they wanted her to hear it all the way at 10 Downing Street in London. So good riddance, Maggie Thatcher!