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Get Real, America!

sean spicer

Image: cnn.com

This week White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer uttered what may be the most offensive garbage yet, claiming that Bashar al-Assad is worse than Hitler, because even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons, at least not on his own people and not in their cities and villages. Continue reading

Empty, Spent, Blank, While the Pundits Catch Up

Image: salon.com

Image: salon.com

Blank is what my blog has been lately, and blank is what my mind is right now. Blank, empty, with nothing left to say other than “I told you so, America”.

For decades, I have been railing against American authoritarianism, America’s flirtation with fascism, the dangerous lack of education and critical thinking skills. Continue reading

Surprise? I Think Not


make americ agreat again

Image: atlantic.com

In an otherwise good article, Ann Marie Cox claims that Trump’s success in this GOP primary race could not have been foreseen with logic or by looking at history.

Really? Continue reading

Trump and Muslim Databanks

image: dcwhispers.com

image: dcwhispers.com

I wrote a short post about the angry goldfish and his demagoguery about illegal immigrants last week. Now that a few Islamic extremists have carried out some horrendous attacks in Paris, he has moved seemlessly to Syrian refugees and more: he wants to register all Muslims in this country and make them have some kind of identification as such. Continue reading

This Country Great Again

image: huffingtonpost.com

image: huffingtonpost.com

The angry goldfish at the top of the GOP presidential candidate polls is blaming all the country’s woes on a vulnerable group in society–undocumented immigrants in this case. Continue reading

Uh, Independence From What?

When I saw this video on  Facebook, it didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, although I suppose it shouldn’t have, were a lot of the comments blaming the GOP and the Koch Brothers. Continue reading

Emperor Wu’s Teenage Diary

image: almanachdegotha.org

image: almanachdegotha.org

My daughter’s 8th-grade History and Geography teacher is teaching Ancient Civilizations this year. She gives some cool homework assignments.

Recently, R had to write three journal entries from the point of view of Emperor Wu, of the Han Dynasty.  Each entry had to be six or seven sentences long and they had to include three innovations. Continue reading