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Refueling: Filling my Tank With Drukwerk and Stroops

immigration, homesickness, refuleing, stroopwafels, drukwerk, doe maar, andre hazes, dutch food, dutch pop musicWell, waddaya know? The daily writing prompt is “Recharge“, just as I was getting ready to write about refueling as an immigrant. Another term I learned recently, from Akhtar’s book Immigration and Identity.

What do you do to refuel (or recharge) as an immigrant–to get your home fix, as it were? Continue reading

Hee Amsterdam, ze zegge dat je bent veranderd…

Just a quick link to some fun photos of Amsterdam by Fig and the Wasp. Also check out these posts by same: this one and this one.

And if you want to enjoy the photos with an iconic song about Amsterdam, click here, or listen while watching the video, because it’s worthwhile, too.