Click here for elaborate information about the Dutch movie industry.

Here are some sites and blogs that review Dutch movies.

My Favorite Dutch Movies List by Johan Le Fourbe

Dutch Movies on IMDb

Best Dutch Movies of All Time on


American movies

A review of a documentary film The Revisionaries about the Christian conservative Texas school board members who want to include creationism in the science textbooks, among other things.

4 responses to “Film

  1. Love Dutch movies!!


  2. Well I’m Dutch and right now in the Netherlands, so that makes it easy 😉 but when I’m abroad I watch a lot of Youtube. If you type in ‘Noorderlingen’ you will find a whole range of Dutch movies. Movies like ‘De tweeling’ and ‘Sonnyboy’ I just purchase. My classmates think I’m bonkers for liking Dutch movies but I think they’re wonderful.


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