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Trump’s Telephone Tangle, Untied

Fox and Friends interview Trump 4-26-2018


In an interview, the interviewers generally ask questions and the interviewee answers as best he can. Here’s an analysis of Trump’s interview with Fox and friends this morning.

I listened to it, and then I listened to it again, writing down the questions and only anything, any combinations of words, that formed direct answers. I did need to paraphrase here and there. Then I timed my reading the questions and the actual answers: just a little over two minutes. The interview lasted thirty minutes, so obviously he said a whole lot more, but the rest of it was  just a lot of static and deflection and stream-of-consciousness filler. Continue reading

The Myth Of Parties Of Ideas

Today’s conservatives and the GOP have no values. They just have talking points.

via The Myth Of Parties Of Ideas — This Ruthless World

Adrift in Books

007_edited-1Today’s writing prompt is the perfect excuse to revisit the post about my raft book collection.

I’m not big on collections. I used to be. I had all sorts of collections. If I saw something I liked, I would start a collection. Until I felt that I was surrounding myself with things just for the sake of surrounding myself with things, and I got rid of most of them. Continue reading

The Meridian Riot of 1871



And now for the post that I’ve been working up to: Meridian, Mississippi.

To us, it was just a random dot on the map on our way home to Austin, Texas on a recent trip. We were going to spend the night in Jackson, but I stupidly stuck my credit card in the dollar slot of a vending machine at a rest stop outside Meridian. The vending machine, very happy with the change in diet, promptly ate my card. We wanted to cancel the card as soon as possible, but first we needed it to check into a hotel, so we stayed in Meridian.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I left Las Vegas in the dead of night. My wonderful husband T told me to at least make a little vacation out of it, so I did. I spent the next four days driving home road trip style. Taking 3- and 4-digit roads wherever possible.

On one of those roads, just outside Gallup, New Mexico, I saw this sign. I think it’s a good one for the photo challenge.

cross and native american sign

More on my little road trip later.

Hmm, Puzzling!

nyt crosswordsDo any of you do crossword puzzles? I do. Specifically the New York Times Crosswords. I have a book of 500 daily crosswords in the bathroom, and I have a book of 500 Sunday crosswords in the car.

The dailies are generally a lot easier than the Sundays. I finish about 8 out of 10 dailies in single sittings, but when I finish a Sunday crossword, it really feels like an accomplishment.

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