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Trump and Fox, Good Luck!



It was appropriate that T, R and I spent Presidents’ Day weekend in the Texas Hill Country, without Internet, and therefore gloriously Trump-free. When we came back not much had changed; it was the weekend after all, so Trump had been mostly spending the taxpayers’ money golfing in Florida.

One thing our fibbing Fox fan-in-chief did do was mention something that happened in Sweden. Correction: something that didn’t happen in Sweden. He thought something happened in Sweden because he was watching Fox and someone on the screen mentioned Sweden, perhaps right around the time his daughter walked by. And when you’re Trump, and you’re, like, really smart, why would you get your information from your topnotch intelligence community when you can watch Fox and Friends instead, which doesn’t involve any, like, reading?

Yeah, that was snarky, but wouldn’t it be ironic if the biggest fan of Fox “News” was actually the one to prove to all those other Fox fans out there that what Fox provides is usually at best marginally factual? If Trump–who has called the mainstream media “the enemy of the people”,  always making an exception for Fox–would unwittingly, stupidly, bring down the only news network that’s been mostly in favor of him?

After all, the reason people believe what Fox and right-wing talk shows tell them is that they all support one another, all bouncing around and feeding off one another in the right-wing echo chamber. Other news stations can point out falsehoods and fact-check Fox fables until they’re blue in the face, but the folks who watch Fox “News” don’t watch or read the reporters who do the fact-checking. Or, if they do and they don’t like what they hear or read, they can discard it as “fake news”.

Now that Trump is in the picture, however, things have gotten more complicated. He re-tweets and shares in his self-congratulatory yell sessions everything he sees on TV, and since he’s the president of the United States of America (cough), people pay attention. Like, all over the world. He mentions something that didn’t happen in Sweden and it’s not just that homo Anderson Cooper on the Devil’s own CNN claiming that nothing happened–the entire country of Sweden claims nothing happened. That’s pretty hard to ignore. Try telling yourself that that’s fake news.

I predict that there’s going to be more of this. Like King George says in the musical Hamilton (in a completely different context, but I just happen to have Hamilton on the brain):

“They’re going to tear each other into pieces,
Jesus Christ, this will be fun!”

How Stupid Is This? Let Me Count the Ways



Since I’m in a counting mindset, let me also count the ways it’s stupid of Trump to insist that he would have won the popular vote, were it not for those millions of illegal immigrants and other fraudulent voters. Continue reading

Civil, Angry, Civilly Angry?



My friend and neighbor had a dilemma two days ago. He wanted to “like” my post to support my family going to the march, but he himself has started holding meetings in Austin to discuss how we can bring back the civil discourse, and my last post wasn’t that civil. Continue reading

Dear NBC, About that Episode of The Blacklist…



Dear Blacklist producers,

I’ve been binge-watching season 3 on Netflix. Since you probably won’t actually be reading this and others will, allow me to set it up.

James Spader plays a larger than life, debonair master criminal who helps the FBI bag other master criminals, but really, the FBI is helping him in plans it has no knowledge of.

It’s an enjoyable enough series, but the end of episode 10 got my goat. Don’t worry, producers, I won’t spoil anything. Continue reading

Fun Facts About Facts, Truth, and Reality



Donald Trump is worried that the mediator in the first presidential debate on Monday will fact-check his statements. That right there should tell you everything you need to know about what he plans to say, but only if you still know what facts are. So let’s explore the language around the issue for a bit. Continue reading

Land of the Free to Be Ignorant and Ridiculous



In the spirit of refueling, I downloaded an app with Dutch news from different media. And right away an article in Elsevier caught my eye.

It’s about a Muslim school in the town of Zaandam, that sued four parents of former students for slander and libel. Continue reading

Surprise? I Think Not


make americ agreat again


In an otherwise good article, Ann Marie Cox claims that Trump’s success in this GOP primary race could not have been foreseen with logic or by looking at history.

Really? Continue reading