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Five Things I Can’t Stand

ducks 1I’ve been feeling kind of truculent lately, so let’s see if a list of five things I can’t stand will get it out of my system.

Let me begin with drivers behind me–when I’m up front at a stoplight, waiting to turn left at an unprotected left turn–honking for me to go ahead and make the turn already. Continue reading

Thanksgiving 4: What Do You Appreciate?

(Image from

I’ve always said that if I were religious, I’d probably be Catholic, because I love rituals. One day long ago, I was watching Oprah (before it seemed to become all about makeovers and giving away cars), as she talked about keeping a journal in which to write things you appreciate every day.  I jumped on it. Continue reading

Not a Good Groundhog Day

We have five pets. One dog (a sweet female labradoodle named Koda), two cats (striped female Sassy and black male Freddy) and two leopard geckos. But the geckos are irrelevant for this story. And most stories, for that matter. I’m not a fan of reptile pets. Continue reading

Latent Foe

And now for something completely different.

In the 1960’s, Australian public school was still very much based on the system for preparing future factory workers from the Industrial Revolution onward, churning out good little citizens who didn’t question authority, followed instructions and didn’t make waves. Continue reading

Lazing on a Saturday Morning

Just a picture I took around Monterey Bay, California, years ago.

Mount Snowdon in the Spring

Well, I’ll wait with the scathing post. I was cleaning up the slides I’d scanned a while ago. I used to have slides instead of photos. So I saw them even less than photos. That’s one of the things I love about a blog. I can see my favorite pictures and share them with whoever is interested.

Anyway, I didn’t clean my slides very well before scanning them, so I was doing that in Photoshop last night. Amazing!

Continue reading

Senility at Age 51 : I Hate It When That Happens


I’m going prematurely senile. I know, most people my age joke that little joke, only half joking. And doctors on TV say that it’s okay, just brain farts, nothing to worry about. I talk to my doctor about it, and he asks me what day it is, who the president is, and tells me to start counting in threes backwards from 100. When it becomes clear that I can still do that, he, too, tells me it’s okay, just brain farts, and there’s nothing to worry about.  I hope so, but Continue reading