Salsbury’s Slavery Spectacular!

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“Revisionist History and Slavery as Entertainment at The Black America Show”

7 responses to “Salsbury’s Slavery Spectacular!

  1. Again I have to nibble on your seemingly blanket rejection of “conspiracy theories”. A person should be much more specific when talking about this.
    For example obviously Hitler and those around him conspired to attack neighboring countries. We can not say that the policies that they carried out were not a conspiracy just because they occupied positions in government institutions when carring them out. Also the Bush administration went to war based on obviously false information that was presented to the public. A person would have to be a complete fool to believe that they actually believed the information that they were disemmenatng. But their defence to the charge that they conspired to wage a war of aggression is that it was all a big mistake. They were allowed to get away with it.
    Then the release of documents by wikileaks that play a role in the so called Russians hacked our election scandel showed that there was a conspiracy to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic Nomination. NO ONE has ever disputed the authenticity of those hacked emails.
    So what just these three examples show is that there are plenty of conspiracies at all levels of society. So people should by all means believe in conspiracy theories. They need to reject the ones that are stupid but there are plenty that are REAL. In fact it is only in America that there is some attmept made to be little those who promote conspiracy theories. Here in Europe people are arrested all the time for conspiracy. The people here actually believe that the CIA conspired with Chilean generals to overthrow Allende and many other governments to boot.
    In America they make a big deal about Russians hacking the election becuase one of Putins cooks was aledgedly involved in some sort of twitter or facebook campaign while the fact that the democratic party leadership tried to rig its own playing field is forgotten about. It was the Russians because Rubles were used to pay the bills as if the CIA could not do that to give a false impression of who was doing what. It was the Russians because they aledegedly spent some millions or even tens of millions trying to influence Americans in a campiagn in which special intrest groups in the USA spent billions. IN which the enormous election influence of the Israeli lobby, an aledegedly foreign organization, never gets questioned by the MSM.


    • I agree to a certain extent, Kurt. I stand corrected. I do think that George Bush went to war in Iraq based on incomplete information. I’m not sure he was a ware of that, but Powell was, and he caved and went in front of the UN to say that the CIA had proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Considering that Dick Cheney had been on the board of a company that stood to gain massive contracts during the rebuilding is more than a little suspicious. And yes, the DNC behaved disgracefully and shot itself in the foot by preventy Bernie Sanders from winning the primary. Although I’m still not entirely sure he would have won from Trump. But who knows, and the democratic process should have been allowed to play out. The Russians did definitely meddle in the elections as well, though. Seventeen separate American intelligence agencies claimed that before the election and we now have cold, hard proof. But yes, I should be careful with blanket rejections of conspiracy theories. The difference though, between many American conspiracy theroies and those in Europe is that if there turns out to be no evidence of one in Europe, it generally fizzles out rather quickly, whereas in America the fact that there is no evidence is then used as evidence that information is being held back, etc. and conspiracy theroies that are based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever can go on for years, decades, centuries. I’m thinking of the American conspiracy theory that there’s a Jewish bankers’ plan to take over the world, or that Obama isn’t an American and that he’s a secret muslim, etc.


  2. I would like to come back to this subject at a later date. In the mean time I would like to provide a link to another web site. It might seem off topic.
    Even if it is off topic it is about a KEY difference between the insane life of the USA and the less insane life of Europe. I am speaking about the treatment of unions for working people.


    • Oh, where to begin if you’re going to compare America’s insanity with Europe! I’m not going to read the article right now, becuse I didn’t sleep last night and I’m so tired I’m practically seeing cross-eyed, but yeah, unions are very different in America than in Europe, and they’re treated differently. Which is probably why they behave differently. Chicken or egg? I’ll let you know if I come across the answer in one of my historical reading rummages.


  3. After I posted I realized that some additional foundational background would be important for future disscussions about conspiracies. Here are some links to the sites of a number of proffesors of economics. Additional reading at these sites could bring you too up to an unrecognized PHD economics level as well


  4. Thanks for referencing my article about the Black America Show. I expanded the article into a very short e-book, Slavery on Stage: Black Stereotypes and Opportunities in Nate Salsbury’s “Black America” Show (available on iTunes and from In the e-book, I explain more about African-American Billy McClain’s major role in developing and managing the show.


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