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“Angola: From Slave breeder’s Asset to Prison Plantation”.

10 responses to “Loophole

  1. Fascinating! The legacy of that enormous evil, plantation slavery, continues to bedevil the US.


  2. Such a crucial part of American history and modern reality, it stuns me that our schools are shying away from honesty. Thank you for the important post!


    • You bet. Yes, the reason they shy away from it is because of the school boards. and the school boards, in the biggest states anyway, also have a big influence on what goes in the school textbooks. This is only going to change if school boards are either abandoned or they have a rule that they don’t interfere with the curriculum and leave that up to the professionals in the fields in question.


  3. I have serious doubts that leaving it up to the proffessionals will help much.
    In the USA people who hold the positions in which one woudl expect to be held by a proffessional are often littel more than politcal hacks. The USA is not the Netherlands or Germany. Remember this is the place that the Police have let people out of jail so that they couild be murdered.
    IN the field of history for example AMerican historians have not even figured out the Roosevelt, Churchhill, Marshall, Montgomery, and Eisenhower deliberately prolonged the war in Europe, which resulted in millions of deaths. to allow the Gemans time to kill more Soviet citizens. I have gone in to greater detail about this at other sites. I do not feel like going in to it now.


  4. I am rather surprised that a normal person such as yourself is glad that the second world war prolonged unneccessarily. Of course you are aware that thousands of people, more than usual, died per day during this period.

    Of course the allied leadership did not do this because they thought that the Soviet Union was a conspriacy. No they had other very obvious reasons for doing it.
    Anyways even if they did not think that the Soviet Union was a conspiracy it is kind of silly to reject all conspiracy theories because they describe a CONSPIRACY.
    That is as foolish as acceptiing the idea that the WTC was brought down by a controlled demolition when even though it looked like a controled demolition one can easily explain why the collapse looked like a controled demolition and one can easliy explain that since it would have been really really hard to set up such a controlled demolition before hand one should really not accept the idea of a controlled demolition for what we all saw. No a thinking person will be much more discernng and accept those conspiray theories that make sense. Of course for a conspiracy theory to make sense to any particular person that person has to have the training and expierience to to properly weigh the evidence that they are confronted with.
    But just imagine this, if Germany had actually won the war and I were to make the statement that Hitler conspired with his government ministers to start a general European war I would now be accused of being an unpatriotic lunatic conspiracy theorist. I am also sure that you can imagine that if, under this regime, I were to say the Jews of Europe were systematically murdered during the 1940s I might be arrested by Erdogan for libeling the Turkish state and people. But NO, you do not have to imagine that BECAUSE YOU SAW IT FOR YOURSELF. To refresh you memory it was that documentary made with Rutger Hauer in 1994 called Morgenland if my memory is correct.


    • I have not seen that documentary. For the rest, I don’t really know where to start, Curt, other than that I of course am nnot happy that the war was prolonged. I’m not happy that there was a war at all. The reasons I suspect it’s a conspiracy theory that the Allies purposely prolonged the war so that the Germans could kill more Russians are 1: a few less Russians would not have done anything to change or destroy the Soviet Union, 2: the Allies would not want to have more of their own people killed unnecessarily, and 3: if the war was indeed prolonged by the Allies for the reason you mention, quite a lot of top dogs would have been in on it and you can’t keep something that big a secret for over 75 years.


  5. I can see it would be a lot of work to convince you. I am not sure at the moment I want to make that kind of investment. So I guess we can just drop the subject.


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