Propaganda’s for Chumps

This post doesn’t live here anymore. It has emigrated to my other blog:

The Big No-No: An Outsider on American Fascism, where it resides under the title:

“Hitler and Trump: Propaganda for the Poorly Educated in Mein Kampf”

5 responses to “Propaganda’s for Chumps

  1. I try to stay away from commenting on political issues, but since The Donald is neither a politician or in fact a human being, I just wanted to let you know that I liked and agreed one hundred percent with your prognosis. ☺


  2. This is such a terrifying moment. TrumpCo combines traditional elements of fascism (vilifying the press and undermining the judiciary) with modern elements (monopolizing media attention with ridiculous feuds and outlandish divisive statements) to create a world so repulsive, more and more people brag about not following what’s going on, even as they know it’s horrendous.

    Sorry, that’s not helpful, but good lord it hurts to see what’s happening here. My only hope is that the clear perspective just takes time to brew. Good leaders (that is, Obama) are rarely appreciated in their moment, it’s only later, with contrast (and boy oh boy is Trump contrast) that the indisputable narrative emerges and solidifies. (Kind of like how Kennedy wasn’t deified until after Nixon. Hopefully Obama doesn’t have to pass before we appreciate and praise him properly.)

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