Fascism in America 5: A Little Detour to the Dutch Police

This post doesn’t live here anymore. It has emigrated to my other blog:

The Big No-No: An Outsider on American Fascism, where it resides under the title:

“Dutch Police Training: From Authoritarianism to Deescalation Techniques”

2 responses to “Fascism in America 5: A Little Detour to the Dutch Police

  1. Is there any data comparing incidents of civilian deaths by police in Holland and the US? The kind of training you describe, with the emphasis on de-escalation of situations, seems so logical. It’s hard to believe it isn’t used in North America. Even in Canada (which many of us Canadians thing is “better” than the US), there have been many incidents in which mentally-disturbed people end up dead after contact with police.


    • I’d have to look for them. It would be hard to compare the two because America also has a serious gun problem, and it seems that almost all the training in America is based on assuming that someone is armed and will shoot unless you spray them full of bullets first.

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