How Stupid Is This? Let Me Count the Ways



Since I’m in a counting mindset, let me also count the ways it’s stupid of Trump to insist that he would have won the popular vote, were it not for those millions of illegal immigrants and other fraudulent voters.

1. It makes him weak. He has won the electoral vote–he’s the president now. By continually bringing up the fact that he didn’t win the popular vote, he’s demonstrating his insecurity. If anyone missed that one speech where he mentioned it, that’s okay, he’ll mention it again in the next speech. So it’s safe to say that by now the entire world knows how insecure Trump is.

This makes him a wonderful target for late night TV jokes. I can’t wait for Alec Baldwin’s full hour-long Trump impersonation on SNL this Saturday, and the tweet storm that Trump will fire off in response. It’s gonna to be great. However, it also makes him, and us, a target for countries and organizations like ISIS that aren’t so friendly toward America.  For someone who talks all the time about being strong, making America strong again, etc., this is particularly stupid.

2. Illegal immigrants generally avoid activities that involve the government, for fear of being found out. So there’s that. But even if they were to try, and if Trump includes African-Americans “in certain areas” in these millions of fraudulent voters (which he has), there are voting rolls–the long, long lists of names of registered voters in a precinct. An illegal voter would have to walk up to a table, give a name, and that name would then be checked against the roll, and they’d be found out.

Also, the voting process is different everywhere, but always run by citizens from both parties, so there can’t possibly be a cover-up of millions of fraudulent votes all over the country. Information about the election would have to be much more tightly controlled, and by only one side.  So the president’s ignorance regarding the very election process that got him in the White House is showing bigly.

3. He’s assuming that all those illegal voters voted Democrat. So he’s admitting, by extension, that immigrants and African Americans wouldn’t vote for him, which means he’s admitting, again by extension, that he doesn’t have anything good in store for them.

4. And he’s lying. Maybe it wasn’t a lie at first, maybe he genuinely thought that millions of illegal immigrants somehow managed to vote, but he has been told by anyone and everyone who can know that it simply isn’t true. So to keep repeating it is to keep repeating what has then become a conscious lie, and why would anyone want to insist in this way that he’s a liar. If you’re caught in a lie, you never mention it again. You change the subject, you move on as quickly as possible and hope that people will forget that you lied.

If it were true, or even possible, that there were millions of cases of voter fraud during this election, that would be a serious erosion of American democracy, and you’d think he’d want it investigated, but he’s not asking for any investigation. He claims to have evidence, but we haven’t seen it and questions about what that evidence entails go unanswered. So again, it just makes his lies more obvious.

5. Maybe he thinks that if he persists long enough, people will fall in line and start agreeing with him. I can see him reasoning this way, narcissist and wannabe despot that he is, but in that case he should start with lies that aren’t as easily exposed. Of all the lies he’s told, this might be one of the most blatant. Along with  saying that his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever. Oh, and the times he denies saying something that he is on the audio-visual record as saying. And… Well, okay, never mind this one.

6. It’s so stupid that Republican Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell told Trump today, via the press, to put a cork in it. Which makes him look like a little kid being told by Daddy to Sit! Back! Down! Right! Now! And! Behave! Since McConnell is not the boss of Trump, this creates confusion. And it’s only Day 3. Vladimir Putin is sitting at his desk right now, thumbing through the news articles on whatever handheld device he favors, and laughing his head off.

3 responses to “How Stupid Is This? Let Me Count the Ways

  1. You are speaking my mind, again, but are saying it so much better than I ever could. Thanks!

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