America, I Just Want to Slap You!



I know that anger is one of the stages of grief, as pundits are pointing out right now, but you know what? This isn’t grief. This isn’t about something that’s lost already–it’s about something that we are watching as it goes down the drain before our eyes.

I’m still furious. Furious at the folks who claim not to be racist or misogynistic or anti-LGBTQ or Islamophobic, but who nonetheless did their part to get this vile slug into the White House. Furious at all the democrats who didn’t vote because they thought they had it in the bag; furious at the Democratic Party for not having their act together; furious at Glenn Beck, who now rails against Trump, after first being complicit in creating him with his “Glenn Beck University”, where he told folks what to be angry about, unhindered by any facts or common sense.

And I’m furious at everyone who is only now speaking up. Now there are articles every day in my Flipboard feed that compare this time to the German 1930s, now there are people wondering if maybe they shouldn’t have allowed all this fake news on the social media and Fox “News” that has led to half the country being bat-shit delusional, now there are articles and books showing up that instruct folks on how to tell the difference between fiction and fact.

Well, it’s a little late!

And even now some of the articles I come across–some of which I’ve shared on my Resident Alien Facebook page–are still half apologetic for being “alarmist”. Even now pundits are debating whether Trump really ever meant what he said,  or whether he was play-acting, whether this is going to be one great big bait and switch, whether he actually is the smart businessman he claims to be and that therefore he will surround himself with smart, competent people.

Even now people are saying we should give him a chance. A chance to do what? A chance to open up the coal mines again at a time when global warming is already in a feedback loop? Four years is way, way too long to keep denying climate change, let alone for taking the country backwards.

Wake up, America! Half the country is clearly way more racist than you thought, way more uneducated and therefore too easily manipulated by a demagogue than you thought–in other words, way more dangerous than you thought. Stop saying that fascism won’t happen here. It’s happening! Trump was elected president. He’s already making threats against Harry Reid for saying negative things about him. He’s got a white supremacist as his Chief Strategist, for Christ’s sake!

But even though all this just happened, it’s still not too late. The only reason I could see for having super-delegates during the primaries was to put a stop to an anti-Constitutional train wreck if Joe Public was ever deluded enough for it to get that far. It did, Joe was, but the super-delegates wimped out. But there’s still a second chance: the electoral college. It can do the same. Just don’t vote for Trump. What other reason can there possibly be for its existence?

If the electoral college doesn’t throw Trump out, then that’s it. America will have committed the biggest fuck-up in history. Yes, bigger than the European fascists of the 1930s, because back then it was unprecedented. But that’s history now. There is absolutely no excuse for not seeing this coming and not stopping it while you still have the chance. And this time there’s even more at stake than in the 1930s–allowing this willfully ignorant goldfish in the White House at a time when there are no checks and balances, thanks to a Republican House and Senate, will affect not just the people of the world, but very the earth itself.

This is not alarmism, this is being realistic. Wake the fuck up!



2 responses to “America, I Just Want to Slap You!

  1. Right on, Barbara!

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  2. I have been warning people from the beginning that Mr. Trump was Hitler reincarnated. Did they listen?? Apparently not! And even if he might get impeached, his running mate is as bad if not worse than he is.

    Personally I don’t think that the electoral college will do anything but vote according to party lines and we’ll be stuck with the goldfish in the White House. But, one can still hope that they will follow all the Republicans who refused to support Mr. Trump……


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