Will Trump Become Presidential?

trump sleaze

Image: dailymail.co.uk

It is June and Trump has been spewing his verbal sewage for more than four months now. For four months we have been witness, up close and personal, to his every move and utterance, and still there are pundits and politicians who believe that Trump will not be a dictator.

What on earth do they base their expectations on? If I can go from peacefully playing around in my little Robin Hood village to being a warring menace within two weeks in an online computer game, just think what a megalomaniac like Trump will try if he becomes president?

The GOP has been assuming that he’d change his tune, calm down and become presidential once he became the presumptive nominee. I have no idea why they thought that. Trump himself has said in a recent press conference that he’s not going to change. They thought they could rein him in, handle him, advise him, since he knows nothing about Washington.They are still frantically advising him to please. shut. the hell. up.

Do none of them have any narcissists in their family or social circles? They must be so lucky, because anyone who’s spent time around an extreme narcissist knows that they don’t change. They’re mentally stunted tweens in grown-up bodies who don’t take advice from anyone. They live in their own echo chamber skulls and are completely tone deaf to just about everything in the outside world. They have no need to listen to anyone, or to get informed about anything, because they are the greatest and they already know it all. Only they are right–anyone with a different opinion is not only wrong, but must be driven down into the ground with the most hurtful, destructive language they can muster.

We have seen from the beginning of his campaign how Trump treats ethnic minorities, Muslims, women and the physically challenged, and he tells us daily how he will treat them if he becomes president. He will build a wall, round up eleven million Mexicans and deport them, and while he’s at it, he’ll probably expand the search to anyone “of Mexican heritage“. Ditto with Muslims.

So far he has been able to silence several judges and state attorney generals who would have shown him in a bad light (more on that in a next post), but if he is president, he will sic his attorney general on anyone who dares to speak out against him–he has already said as much in relation to Hillary Clinton and Judge Curiel.

And you can bet he’ll shut down most of the press, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent and similar bottom feeders. The news will consist mostly of reading the National Enquirer out loud in front of the camera and the truth will be what Trump says it is.

The police will have free rein to use as much brutality as they feel like and there will be an additional militia of armed wingnuts that will enthusiastically aim their guns in whatever direction Trump points them in.

You just have to listen to what he’s already been saying on the campaign trail to realize that insofar he isn’t a fascist yet (some still optimistically call him a proto-fascist or populist), he will be one quick smart once he actually has the power of the presidency. We would just have to keep our fingers crossed that the separation of powers works when it’s needed most. But if Congress remains a majority Republican and Trump gets to appoint Supreme Court Judges, I doubt it will hold up. Because who would stand up to him? His fellow GOP members? Look how weakly they are protesting his racist rants, if at all? When he’s not even actually their president yet?

5 responses to “Will Trump Become Presidential?

  1. I think we’ll all be royally F-ed if he becomes president, and Europe will be overrun by refugees from the countries he will have bombed flat while they’re at it..


  2. This could be the end of the American experiment. As the Chinese have been saying in all of their news outlets lately, “We told you that Democracy doesn’t work.” They might be right!


  3. Here we say that he is Hitler reincarnated…

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