Call Me Crazy



Trump came in second in the Iowa caucus. It could be the beginning of the end for Trump, but who knows. This is just the Iowa caucus; there’s a lot more to come and Trump could yet become the Republican nominee.

I suspect that a lot of relatively reasonable folks are wondering if they still wouldn’t prefer Trump to Bernie Sanders, if Sanders were to be the Democratic nominee.

Well, let’s see. With Sanders, in the worst case scenario we’d have four years of raised taxed on the rich, less involvement abroad, free education for all and yes, I’m sure many economists would tell you that the country would go downhill fast. That is, if he were able to pass half of what he proposes, which is pretty unlikely with the present Congress. Either way, after four years you could vote him out and he’d go.

But what if Trump became president? Some people still claim that he’s a populist or at most a protofascist. Some argue that he’s not as extreme as he makes himself out to be; he used to be a democrat, after all.

But the main thing to pay attention to with Trump is his textbook narcissism. Narcissists are addicted to attention, and the more attention they get, the less likely they are to ever voluntarily take a step back. The more Trump smells the Oval Office, the more extreme he becomes.

If anything has become clear since the race for the GOP candidacy began it’s that there is no limit to what Trump will do or say. Every time pundits have predicted that a certain move or comment by Trump would be the beginning of his downfall, they have been proved wrong.

Hardly a day goes by where he doesn’t outdo himself in fascist demagoguery. And along with that, there is clearly also no limit to what his followers accept. Trump said at an event at a Christian college in Iowa, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” and those Christians laughed in agreement.

Trump himself admits that he hates losing, or rather, that he never loses. Cruz won the Iowa caucus for the Republican side, but Trump is already demanding a new election because it isn’t fair; Cruz lied! Imagine that!

He also says on a regular basis that he doesn’t play by the rules and in that regard he definitely puts his money where his mouth is. He didn’t like having Fox “News” anchor Megan Kelly as the moderator again for the last Republican primary debate, so he simply didn’t show up.

He doesn’t stick to even the very basics of civility. He tweets like a thirteen-year-old mean-girl about other candidates’ appearance, he makes barely veiled threats to anyone who stands up to him in public and not only does he not apologize if goons at one of his rallies “rough up” protesters, he applauds and justifies their actions and points out the positive side-effect: those are the only moments the press will turn their cameras to the crowd, thus proving his claims that his rooms are always full and that everybody loves him.

As I mentioned in my previous post, many if not most of his followers are racists who adore him for his tough talk about bombing the shit or kicking the shit or doing whatever the shit to whichever scapegoat he’s in the mood for at any given moment. His scapegoating has attracted multitudes of America’s absolute bottom feeders.

His followers are also authoritarians. The people who like a strong leader they can follow blindly, which is scary enough, but also the “good guys” with guns, who see themselves as the authority. The guys who tell themselves that if they aren’t out there with their guns clearly visible, their communities would be in chaos. They bask in what they interpret as the “respect” people have for their guns. There are a lot of these guys with guns out there, and their numbers are growing as we speak.

So imagine Trump being president.

Look at the number of goons he has already gathered to his side, and it’s only February. He has more than seven months to continue increasing his rabble-rousing, seven more months of setting the bar ever lower. By the time he becomes president, should that happen, Trump will have every gun nut in the country raring to shoot anyone he points at.

And what if Congress is majority Republican–which pretty much means Tea Party, since regular Republicans are increasingly pushed to the margin? That could conceivably be two branches of government throwing the balance off to the far right. What’s left then is the Supreme Court. Nine mostly elderly people, and you can bet that Trump would make sure they all know that he knows where they live. Because he doesn’t play by the rules.

Another scenario is that Congress and the Senate do not both have a Tea Party majority, and that heads will come together at some point to try to impeach him. Do you think he’d accept that? Or would he suggest that his gun-toting goons rise up and go visit their representatives with their semi-automatics slung over their shoulders?

Or the army could step in, in which case every Second-Amendment gun owner’s dream scenario comes true and they can gleefully send the kiddos into their well-stocked bunkers while they go defend their country against the federal government. Yeeeee-haaw!

Scenes like those in Burns, Oregon, where Bundy and his buddies took over a wildlife refuge, pillaging and destroying federal property and intimidating the folks in town, ignoring their pleas to leave, is just a taste of what could be coming.

In my last post I wrote that the candidates of both parties range from weak to bat shit crazy. In my mind at least, a weak president is still better than a crazy fascist.




6 responses to “Call Me Crazy

  1. I can’t imagine he would win. Because to believe otherwise would just be too depressing. But if he did, I also can’t imagine he’d make it through four years without committing several impeachable offenses. But let’s not find out. His mere presence on the stage has already done immeasurable damage to the standing of this nation on the world stage.


    • Oh, he’d commit impeachable offenses from day one. My worry would be that he would not go gently if he were impeached. And he has a lot of gun-toting fans all over the country just raring to put their hardware to use. But yes, let’s hope that intelligence prevails. It did the last two elections.


      • Indeed. But the scary thing is that intelligence failed in the two elections before that! That’s why I’m so pro-Bernie; I see Hillary as the sort of uninspiring politician candidate that Gore and Kerry were.


      • You may be right. But I’m worried that “socialism” will scare off too many Americans. It’s an unfortunate use of the word, too, since what he means is social democracy, not democratic socialism. Technically there is no such thing. But I’m going to write a post on that, to set the country right 😉

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  2. Please do! I look forward to it! (And may make a post out of this too.)
    And why won’t wordpress let me leave comments to other comments after a couple are already there? Is this just me?


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