Surprise? I Think Not


make americ agreat again


In an otherwise good article, Ann Marie Cox claims that Trump’s success in this GOP primary race could not have been foreseen with logic or by looking at history.


Over the years I’ve written about many different aspects of American society that I find disturbing. The ubiquitous nationalism gives me the heebie-jeebies.  I’ve written about the pledge of allegiance, how Europeans associate that kind of thing with Nazi Germany. When I tell people that, they’re either furious that I would compare America to Nazi Germany (because that’s all they got from what I said) or they blow it off, claiming breezily that something like that would never happen here.

And I can’t get my head around the complacency with which so many Americans let the police trample on their rights. At the very least, a cop will ask you where you’re headed when he stops you for speeding. That seems unimportant, but small things add up and the result is that the police think they can get away with murder, as the African-American community knows all too well.

People just resign themselves to the fact that the police can pretty much do what they want; there are entire lists of dos and don’ts when interacting with the police; by staying polite and cooperative, you run the least risk of getting in trouble. If you’re white, that is. Many others idolize the police, calling them heroes at every chance, claiming that people who don’t obey every command by a cop have only themselves to blame if the cop gets violent.

And this brings me to Americans’ love of authority figures and authoritarianism in general. The pledge of allegiance is the first instance of authoritarianism that Americans are usually confronted with, often at a very tender age indeed. When my daughter didn’t say the pledge in her kindergarten class, other kiddos frowned and told her she had to.

American high school history textbooks are even written to authoritarian guidelines: do not include anything controversial, do not encourage analytical thinking, do not discuss anything that might result in students questioning their “long-held beliefs”–read: Christian beliefs. The Texas Republican Party has these same guidelines as part of their education agenda.

The American political system is almost per definition dysfunctional. For one thing, having only two parties–for all intents and purposes–means that there really aren’t any parties at all; people vote for individuals. This leads to ridiculous discussions about politicians’ appearance, their charisma or lack of it, etc, instead of discussing in depth the issues the country is facing. It also leads to an absurd idolization of individual politicians.

The other big problem with American politics is politicians’ dependence on money. People are disenfranchised because politicians will make promises but once they’re in office they do exactly what the big-bucks lobby groups tell them to. This has become even worse since the Supreme Court decided that corporations are people, and therefore corporations can donate to politicians.

The blatant lying–in politics, on the “news” and on talk radio–is simply flabbergasting. Apparently no rules exist ensuring that a supposedly informative statement has to at least be factually correct. It’s gotten to the point that many Americans live in a completely different universe, where the earth is flat, where Obama is a Nazi Muslim Kenyan and where most people can’t tell an actual fascist from a hole in the ground. Until it’s too late, anyway.

Internationally, America is the butt of jokes and the source of much anger. The country is mired in a war in Iraq that led to, among other things, a huge mess in Syria and the consequent mess in Europe. It’s embarrassing. The American government is weak, the political system dysfunctional. Combine all of the above with a set of primary candidates on both sides that ranges from weak to bat shit  crazy, and one loud-mouthed strong-man who steps up and stirs the pot as he hops from one scapegoat to the next, promising that he will make the country great again, and you have the exact scenario as in Germany in the 1930s.

How the hell does this come as a surprise?


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