Hot Messes

image: Guardian


Like the Hot Mess Stephen Marche mentions below, this article feels like at least four separate articles all scrambled into one. But it’s worthwhile as an impression of America and its politics by a (Canadian) outsider.



3 responses to “Hot Messes

  1. Very interesting. Thanks!


  2. We were in New York last week — opera, theatre, concert, museums, restaurants, the usual — and it really doesn’t feel very different from Toronto. But the only parts of the US I have visited during the last 45 years have been some of its major cities: NY, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco. The article you cite is about a different US altogether, and the account is revealing. I love visiting the US, but I’m happy to be living in Canada. We’ve got our problems, too, but they’re dwarfed by those Americans face.


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