Oops, The Secret Is Out!

Yep, I have porn on my computer.

squirrels mating 5

And I took these pictures myself.

squirrels mating 6

From my own back door.

squirrels mating

They weren’t aware that I was taking photos of their romantic moment.

squirrrels mating 2

And they definitely didn’t give me permission to post them on the Internet.

Then again, I didn’t give them permission to have at it so brazenly on my back porch, with no consideration for my feelings.

squirrels mating 10

Oops, did I just admit to revenge porn?


In response to the photo challenge “Oops“.

12 responses to “Oops, The Secret Is Out!

  1. I love the third picture of their romantic moment! Ooh la la! So cute.

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  2. I’m just flabbergasted!

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  3. This is hilarious.
    And by the way, TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. You felt violated. You needed to work out your emotions from behind the lens.

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  4. Porn? I don’t think so. LOL: Because sex-ed is such a big issue, to explicit for some states; would this loving couple be an acceptable example of what the birds and the bees are about? Or are they to naked? Maybe the do not represent the family values of conservative extremes?


  5. I have a picture like that, only it’s of 3 (three!) raccoons going at it on the roof of my garden shed. (For those who may be wondering, two were engaged in the act while the third one appeared to be waiting his/her turn. It certainly gave me a different perspective on these critters).


  6. Maybe next time you can make all animals sign a waiver or something giving you total rights over their pics aka great job on the challenge; loved this post! 🙂


  7. If it wasn’t for oops most of us wouldn’t be here!!! Wha ha haa…

    PS – I’m South African… of Dutch decent and this post reminded me of how I got my good lady wife in trouble not long after we met. She, not mastering the Afrikaans language, fell for it when I told her a chicken farm was called a “kiepen f*kkery” in Dutch. She went off on the Monday, shared her new found wisdom with her work mates… you can well imagine the mirth! 😈

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