I Finally Get It!

image: themoderntog.com

image: themoderntog.com

Why Trump is bat-shit crazy? Why people love him? No.


A few years ago I signed up to Pinterest just to see how it worked and what the big deal was. Something didn’t work and anyway, I didn’t see the point of pinning things I liked. So I’d like  something, so what? Then I’d have a platform that shows the stuff I like? I didn’t get it.

A few weeks ago I tried again; I don’t even remember what made me do it. And this time I get it!

I get it! It’s awesome!

Most of you are probably thinking, “It’s about time”, or “So what?” But just in case there are folks out there who are even slower than I am also don’t get it, let me share with you how wonderful Pinterest is.

This second time I discovered that I had Pinterest boards (once I had signed on) and that I could add boards and name them and “pin” things I like to these boards.


You know all those natural cleaning tips that you come across in magazines? You think, hmm, I should remember this, or write it down, but of course you don’t, so that information ends up unused. Therefore, to a degree, you wasted money on that magazine. Well, I created a board for cleaning tips and I pinned all those natural cleaning methods and now, when I have to clean a spot on the carpet, I just look on my cleaning tips board to see what it was again that I needed to mix to take care of that.

Wow! I’ve changed almost completely from commercial cleaning products to various combinations of vinegar, baking soda, Borax, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.

You know those binders full of recipes you have or used to have? Or those cutesy boxes for recipe cards that you end up not maintaining? Well, just create a recipes board, or be more specific and create a dessert board, breakfast board, etc, and pin to your heart’s content. When you want to make something, it’s all right there on your boards, without any writing, copying, gluing or filing. Just one click to pin a recipe and another click to send it to your board of choice.

Apparently lots of people make money with their pinning, because many articles are very chatty, mentioning a variety of products, and you have to navigate around all the pop-up ads like it’s a computer game, but you get used to that. With recipes, just scroll down through all the talk about how Uncle Bob came to dinner and really loved the cornbread, etc, etc, and the ingredients and directions are at the bottom.

Now, you might think–from the examples I’ve mentioned–that Pinterest is like a housewife magazine, with recipes and cleaning tips, but you can find anything. Creative ideas, new art products, architecture, film, DIY stuff, tiny houses, Resident Alien blog posts–whatever you’re interested in. If you’re not interested in recipes, recipes won’t show up.

If you don’t specify that a board is private, it goes online and anyone can see your pins and use them as well. But you can also make boards private, which extends Pinterest’s usefulness even more. For Thanksgiving dinner I had a private board where I moved recipes I was debating, and in the end, when I had decided what I was going to cook, I had it all on one board and I made my shopping list in no time.

I also have a private board for present ideas for my friends and family. If I see something next January that I want to get my husband for Christmas, I just pin it and before Christmas I just go to my private Christmas board to remind myself what I was going to buy.

Or if you have a spouse who can never think of what to get you for your birthday or for Christmas–even though you’re the easiest person in the world to shop for according to yourself–just create a private wishlist board. Invite whoever you want to give access and hey presto, they can see exactly what you want, where to get it and often they can order it right from the site.

Do you have a friend or relative who is interested in something you come across regularly? Create a private board for that person, invite them on it, and you can send them articles with one click. A lot easier than sending links via email or messaging.

So Pinterest is a combination scrapbook, notebook, recipe book and completely tailored magazine. Anyone not using it yet is missing out!

4 responses to “I Finally Get It!

  1. Do we need to check his Pinterest?


    • Whose? Trump’s? He’s too busy tweeting that tweets he’s getting from fans is proof that thousands of Muslims cheered when the twin towers fell. Because they read his tweet about it and they agree. Ergo, it must be true. This country has lost its collective mind.

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  2. I’m also on Pinterest. If it is all right with you I would like to look at your Pinterest likes; I don’t know under what alias I can’t find you! You can find me under Marie-Jacqueline, just like on WordPress!


  3. Yes, I think you are right!
    Trumps truths are assumptions, lies, prejudice and when fact checked wrong by experts, he still believes his unfounded delusions. And even more people believe him. It is gone beyond crazy!


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