Lies Your Teacher Told You

This post doesn’t live here anymore. It migrated to my other blog:

The Big No-No:  An Outsider on American Fascism, where it resides under the title:

“Lies My Teacher Told Me: A Look at American High School History Education”

6 responses to “Lies Your Teacher Told You

  1. Wow. I love history. I write historical fiction. If I wasn’t outraged before, I am now. I’m getting my hands on a copy of Loewen’s book right away.


  2. That explains a lot!
    I just requested the book at my library; should be a good read on Thanksgiving.

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  3. Thank you, Barbara! With you review of this book you explained the lacking historical knowledge. This rigid teaching you explained means that everyone could teach history, that is something which goes under the name history. I find it scary because it did open a Pandora’s box. That of an world power with a view on history that is bias, gullible for every undemocratic, xenofobic and theocratic idea and enforcing those ideas on everyone.
    What scares me even more that the USA, a world power, has many people in public places, making decisions based in………? The image comes to mind of people pushing the international buttons. They do that without any well founded knowledge of the countries history, culture, politics of the countries involved and full of American Exceptionalism. A toxic and dangerous mix.


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