What Passes for History Here

This post doesn’t live here anymore. It migrated to my other blog:

The Big No-No:  An Outsider on American Fascism, where it resides under the title:

“What Passes for American History Education is Pathetic, and Now I Know Why”

3 responses to “What Passes for History Here

  1. Right on! As usual.

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  2. How frustrating this must be for you! History is not dates, battles and places. It is so much more! I remember my teacher when I did the MAVO. I think it was the 2th or 3th grade, she thought us history (and English). For both she had passed the intensive study to obtain the ‘Akte’ English and History. She could tell you about the places, the people, conflicts and a lot more as if she had been there. She was able to start my love and interest for history. Years later I did go to evening school to obtain my HAVO-diploma. The history teacher did also inspired interest in history. On certain subjects he started often 50 years before the actual events to put it in the proper context. He was keen tin the questions he asked to see if you understood what it all was about and why.
    So I have an idea how frustrated you must have been. Knowing more often that not as the teacher. I symphonies with your daughter. And it is a missed opportunity of the education system. The way I perceive this only facts teaching is that it digourish the student. The knowledge obtained this way won’t stick and won’t build a base where the events of today can be placed in the right context. Furthermore it makes you less susceptible for the staments in the precent

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  3. And even more disturbing is that many Americans, and politicians who claim to want to lead us, believe that there are only 6,000 Earth (and Universe) years of history to study!

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