This Country Great Again



The angry goldfish at the top of the GOP presidential candidate polls is blaming all the country’s woes on a vulnerable group in society–undocumented immigrants in this case.

He’s vilifying this (ethnic) group, claiming they are all rapists and murderers and drug dealers. He’s riling up the people who have always hated  the “Mescans”, emboldening them.

They are taking your jobs; they are bringing the country down; they will rape and kill your daughters; they should be dealt with by  the millions. I have the solution.

I say it like it is; I don’t have time for political correctness. I am great, I am powerful, I am strong. Forget about politics as usual (called democracy by some of us); I will make American politicians and foreign leaders an offer they can’t refuse. I will make this country great again.

That’s the gist of his candidacy. Sound familiar? If you depend on American high school for your knowledge of and insight into history, it probably doesn’t.

James W. Loewen’s book Lies my Teacher Told Me explains why. I will spend a post on it soon.

One response to “This Country Great Again

  1. Enough money to campaign for presidency is not equal with the intelligence and diplomacy needed to BE a president. Who in their right mind can take American politics serious with GOP candidates like the are now in the race. I find it also scary!


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