Officer Slam 3: A Sea of Troubles

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“Fans of SRO Ben Fields and Lawsuits for Excessive Force and Racial Profiling”

4 responses to “Officer Slam 3: A Sea of Troubles

  1. One of my first thoughts was that the officer was given the job of physically removing the student from the class room, and was officially fired for using an unapproved and unecessarily rough technique to remove her. How did the other adults involved let it get to that situation? Was it appropriate to call a police officer to physically remove a student for a cell phone violation? I wasn’t there and don’t know the entire situation, but it doesn’t seem quite right base on what little I do know. There was also an implication that if he used approved techniques to physically force her out of the classroom, the situation would have been acceptable? Hmmm….

    By the way, there has been a big change in society in the last 10 years in that roughly 100% of the population carries phones at all times. Many police officers and politicians have not quite realized the implications of this.

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  2. This situation got out of Controle the moment the teacher did not for instance let the situation be and tell the girl to stay after class, and go on with teaching. That the principal did not calm the situation but his actions even escalated more by calling the officer, who had no reason to act in the way he did.
    I have read a lot of comments who blame the girl, she called this upon herself. Which ofcourse is plain nonsense. Others blame the officer acting aggressively as he did, seemingly not having defusing a situation qualities.
    Who has to take responsibility here. Not the girl, she didn’t let the situation escalate. What action will be taken what the teacher, the principal is concerned.
    And what has a police officer being called for such a trivial situation? Teacher with even a minimal


    • Sorry, answering with smartphone, something did go wrong.
      A teacher with even a little minimum of pedagogical skills could/should have been able to deal with the girl.

      Sometimes I get the impression that many Americans seem to fear teenager in some shape or form. Treating the a some sort of not be trusted, not be respected kind of humans who let their emotions go wild, not having common sense. How can adults expect respect if they do not respect their teens, as the young adults they are. Respect is a two-way street.


      • Exactly. The emphasis on total obedience just gives away teachers’ fear and inabilities. Teenagers per definition question authority, as well they should. It’s part of the process of becoming an individual. Black teenagers are considered as an extra problem as the numbers show.

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