Just an (Extra)Ordinary Bridge

This week’s photo challenge is (Extra)Ordinary. So it’s the perfect moment for a reposting of some pictures of the bottom of the Mopac Bridge in Austin, Texas, USA.

I have a thing for the bottoms of bridges, and the Mopac Bridge is one of my favorites. Mopac is actually Highway 1, but in Austin we call it Mopac after the Missouri-Pacific Railroad that runs parallel to it for a while.

Where Mopac crosses Town Lake–which isn’t actually a lake, but a wider piece of the Colorado River–it has a separate pedestrian bridge underneath it. So when you walk on the pedestrian bridge, you look up at the bottom of the Mopac bridge.




mopac 9

mopac 3


5 responses to “Just an (Extra)Ordinary Bridge

  1. I look forward to following you. Thanks for the like on my puddle today.


  2. Interesting bridge, and great photos!

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  3. I like these! And if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, make sure to check out their array of bridge goodness.


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