Uh, Independence From What?

When I saw this video on  Facebook, it didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, although I suppose it shouldn’t have, were a lot of the comments blaming the GOP and the Koch Brothers.

To all of you out there blaming bad American education, especially bad history education on the Koch Brothers: Give me a break! You are no better than the folks who automatically blame everything on Obama. American education has always been bad. Just look at the ages of the interviewees. The Koch Brothers haven’t been around for that long.

My grandfather’s second wife, who was born around 1905, told me that when she was in high school in the Netherlands–at the highest level of high school, called gymnasium–one of her teachers went to a conference about colleges or something in America; I’m not sure about the particulars. In any case, that high school teacher came back and told his class that he had visited several American “universities” and all he could say was that even the worst students in his class could have easily taught there.

That must have been around 1920.

And when I was a high school librarian and a college student in the Rio Grande Valley, Clinton was president. If you want to know what education was like then, read the series on my Education page.

I would love to know what you think, even about old posts.

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