Speechless, But Trying

Image: esquire.com

Image: esquire.com

Well, this is going to be a post about me not knowing what to say. Or write.

About a year ago I started what I thought was going to be a series of posts about police training, but I stopped because everything was already being said by others.

And then more police shootings of black men, and more state laws allowing guns everywhere, and more shootings…

Now a young white man has killed nine people in a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina. Several republicans, including some presidential candidates, are saying it wasn’t a hate crime.

One NRA board member, African-American himself, claims that the pastor who was shot brought it upon himself, because he was against open carry laws.

The  Charleston morning newspaper with the headline about the shooting carried an attached ad for a gun store.

I don’t know what to say anymore about any of this. But not saying anything makes it look like I’m oblivious.

All I know is that if America was a person, the men in white coats would be coming to take it away. And put it in a straightjacket and let it rave in a padded room until it was exhausted enough to accept that it needed some serious therapy.

5 responses to “Speechless, But Trying

  1. I was stumped too when I saw the ad on the newspaper, the excuses they have for it are just as bad at the ones for the shootings.


  2. Marie-Jacqueline

    What can I say!
    I think that you apology is correct.
    I also think that it would make you feel discouraged. But please keep on writing about all that is important to you.
    Because it is not only about you, it is about your family, the environment they live in, where they grow up, go to school, work. You write for them and therefore you take a stand. Not to keep silent against that what you think is wrong.
    Because a drop of water can make an ocean.


  3. Marie-Jacqueline

    Correction: Apology is wrong word.
    Should be anology


  4. I’m glad you’re still trying. Giving up is an incredibly scary thought. The ignorance and excuses being made are appalling. And the hypocrisy of how we (Americans) look at world violence and terror versus that which happens within our own borders to one another is a crushing blow to the hope that we can be taken seriously on the issue.
    I appreciate you putting your voice out here. It’s a worthy one.


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