Revoke the License to Kill and Reduce Lethal Police Shootings

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“Better Firearms Training, Less Lethal Force, Fewer Lethal Police Shootings”

5 responses to “Revoke the License to Kill and Reduce Lethal Police Shootings

  1. I would hazard that this, too, is a training issue. It takes a much higher level of expertise to use a firearm as nonlethal force.


  2. I actually think we should look to countries where not all police officers are armed as a matter of course. My grandfather was a homicide detective in Russia from the late 1940’s through the 1960’s — the time and place where you’d expect the police to be armed to the teeth. In fact, he almost never carried a gun. Even during planned arrests of murderers, typically only one or two out of a group of police officers would be armed — if anyone. He did have a weapon assigned to him, but it was kept in a safe at the station. To sign it out, he had to articulate a reason why he needed it that particular time.

    I think it’s basically like Chekhov’s Gun. The more you arm the police, the greater the chances that innocent people will be killed, and the higher the casualties. Cops are civilians. Increasingly, people in this country seem not to realize that.


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