Police Training within the Police Hierarchy: A Bad Idea

This post doesn’t live here anymore. It migrated to my other blog:

The Big No-No:  An Outsider on American Fascism, where it resides under the title:

“How to Get Independent Quality Police Training and Police Accountability”

3 responses to “Police Training within the Police Hierarchy: A Bad Idea

  1. You touched on a duality, while the choke hold may not fall under Police policy, it is still part of the general self defense training course. Also, there is a symbiotic relationship between the Courts and the police, complicating things further.

    Don’t know anything about the structure of Police training in the Netherlands, but have you seen their new Uniforms? I wonder if you have an opinion on the new black uniforms vs. the traditional white and blue.


    • Well, it shouldn’t be part of the self defense course if it’s illegal. About the new uniforms. Hmm. That will take some getting used to. I suppose a bright yellow stripe on a black background makes them stand out more in a crowd. But black… And the caps make them look more American, but I suppose they are more functional than the old ones.

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