Please DO Feed the Homeless



It’s that time of year again: people donate to food banks that feed the hungry and to organizations that provide meals for the homeless.

At the same time there are those who are so heartless, so devoid of empathy and humanity that they would reduce these fellow citizens to the level of pigeons–yes, they want to make it illegal to feed the homeless.

If you live in one of those towns or you are visiting over Thanksgiving and you want to feed the homeless without paying a fine like this man had to, here are some suggestions for what to say to the cops:

1. I didn’t know he was homeless. His sign just said “Hungry”.

2. I know it looks like I gave her that food, but I owner-financed it at $0.-  down and no payments until June 2016.

3. It isn’t food–it’s McDonalds.

Happy sharing!

3 responses to “Please DO Feed the Homeless

  1. After all if you keep feeding them…they’ll never go away. We had hunger licked in this country once and then President Reagan, the great Christian, Conservative, Movie Star had an idea…less government, more unfettered capitalism and wishful thinking.

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  2. Clever, Barbara. And also sad. Truly sad.


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