Rated Hardly R At All

jellies 6I think it’s time for a sequel to my post Rated R, where I literally translated some Dutch swear words and phrases into English. So here are several words I used when I was a kid in the early seventies. They’re not as R-rated as the first post. I found these “retro swear words” on this site.

flapdrol — floppy turd

domoor — stupid ear

druiloor — droopy ear

etter — pus

etterbak — bowl of pus

knuppel — baseball bat

kwal — jellyfish

uilenbal — owl pellet

schijtlijster — shitting thrush


6 responses to “Rated Hardly R At All

  1. I read the ‘Rated R’ post and commented, then noticed how long ago it was written! Some of the ones here are hilarious!


  2. I was reading online about WWII collaboration and moffenmeidens – and discovered your website. You’re really funny! I subscribed to your website to see new posts. I’m like you – a stranger in a strange land – I’m an american living in japan for 11 years (so far) as a permanent resident.


    • Hi Nelson. Thanks, I think. I hope I wasn’t funny about moffenmeiden. So tell me, what’s an American in Japan doing googling moffenmeiden?


      • Oh no you weren’t being funny about moffenmeiden. I rewatched an old wwII movie “a bridge too far” the other day and I got interested in the history of nazi occupation of the netherlands. I have also in the past read a lot about vichy france and the fate of collaborators. I saw some photos of moffenmeiden on the internet and i felt very sorry for them. I did a reverse-google search of one image and came to your website. I was enjoying your stories of winding up in austin TX with a cat. I was born in Pasadena TX but really never lived in texas for any length of time. Anyway; we’re the same age and I have enjoyed reading your posts.


      • Well, about the moffenmeiden, don’t feel too sorry for them. They were women who collaborated with the Germans, or who at the very least enjoyed the privileges that came with being their whores while the rest of the country suffered. Who knows how many people were caught because of them? But on the other hand, there was a posse feeling about the whole hair cutting thing; I’m sure several people were punished while they may have actually been working for the resistance as spies.

        Since you live in Japan, maybe you’re interested in the connection between Japan and the Netherlands during WWII. There were many Dutch families in Indonesia at the time, since it was still a Dutch colony, and the Japanese put the women and children in camps and the men were put to work on the railroads. Jeroen Brouwers wrote a novel about life in those camps from a child’s perspective, titled Sunken Red.
        I’ve never been to Pasadena, TX. Where else have you lived in the States?
        Thanks for visiting.


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