Sons of Alcoholics Anonymous

I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. I’m approaching the end of Season 2, and I’m still not sure what to think of it. Is it an ultra-hardcore version of The Dukes of Hazard or is there more to it? So far I’m still going back and forth on that one about ten times per episode but the characters are definitely growing on me.

So when I was going through my photos to find some with a twist, I chose these two, which I took at the Blanco Lavender Fest a few years ago. Yes, even the setting is a twist.

motor guy boozefighters 2

motor guy boozefighters

5 responses to “Sons of Alcoholics Anonymous

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  4. I love this group. And I agree with Jonathan Caswell above, we need more folks to join this noble crowd. What a fantastic idea.
    And a truly humorous post, Barbara.


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