Reading Circle Linked to Separatist Inclusion



Today’s prompt for NaPoWriMo is to take a news article and use (some of) its words in a poem. My goal was to use all the words. I managed, although I did change some words from verbs to nouns, from plural to singular, etc. I have used a minimum of extra words in the main part: reading, gone, good, and they. In the last part I broke my self-imposed rules completely, but hey–they were mine to break.

So let me give you the article first, or at least the part that I used. (When I wanted to copy it again for this post, the article had been changed and expanded quite a bit.)

New US Sanctions Target Russian Officials and Companies

The US has imposed sanctions on seven Russian individuals and 17 companies it says are linked to President Vladimir Putin’s “inner circle”. The White House said the move was a response to “Russia’s continued illegal intervention in Ukraine”. Those targeted include Igor Sechin, head of oil giant Rosneft, and Sergei Chemezov of the hi-tech firm Rostec.

The announcement comes after the mayor of Kharkiv, a city in eastern Ukraine, was shot and critically wounded. Hennadiy Kernes was recovering after an operation to repair damage to the chest and abdomen, but his life remained in danger, his office said.

Monday also saw pro-Russian separatists seize a local government building in Kostyantynivka. Separatists were also continuing to detain about 40 people in the town of Sloviansk, including journalists, pro-Kiev activists and seven military observers linked to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) as well as three members of Ukraine’s security service, officials in Kiev said.

And here’s my poem:

Reading Circle Linked to Separatist Inclusion

The giant Sechin and his brother Timochenko,
And also new member Vladimir from Moscow,
Were critically linked in an inner reading circle.
But the Sloviansk mayor said to US, the people,
“Continuing circles on Monday’s illegal.”
The town, in response, imposed sanctions and said,
“Government office has gone to his head.
Targeted intervention by the 12 pros
Will repair life damage to officials and those
Who are accused of links to military gennady
Alleged rosneft, targeting, wounding, and hennadiy
And rostec oil, and of shooting brothers in the chest.”
Remained Southern President O.S.C.E. West
Firm in his service to inner inclusion,
Of individuals, journalists and also of Russians.
He continues organization of hi-tech security
Of every house, town, building and upcoming city.
Seven local separatists who had an operation
Now include one another in a firm, inclusive nation.
And so it continues moving on the Eastern Main:
Co-operation and good company in Russia and Ukraine.
About 40 observers saw how linked it was:
Sergei, Igor, Europe—after all, they are US!
(Recovering separatist activist Putin
Says he securely supports this pro-story including.)

Yes, yes, I know, I realize,
So go ahead and penalize.
I was to put all the words in this announcement.
But Kiev, Kharkiv, danger? My rhyming is spent!
Chemezov, Kernes, Kostyantinivka,
I can feel them in my abdomen, let me tell ya!
So seize me,
detain me,
Rotenberg me into 17
By the white lines, I’ve licked them clean!

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