Emperor Wu’s Teenage Diary

image: almanachdegotha.org

image: almanachdegotha.org

My daughter’s 8th-grade History and Geography teacher is teaching Ancient Civilizations this year. She gives some cool homework assignments.

Recently, R had to write three journal entries from the point of view of Emperor Wu, of the Han Dynasty.  Each entry had to be six or seven sentences long and they had to include three innovations.

The innovations R refers to are: the establishment of tests which would show who was most skilled for a job, rather than giving it to the oldest person; Wu’s continuation of work on the Great Wall; and opening trade with the West, resulting in the Silk Road.

Rather than researching above-mentioned innovations overly much, R managed to get her six to seven sentences per entry by focusing on being the emperor. It may not be A-worthy, but it cracked me up.

February 2, year unknown

Today some people came to my palace to take the test. It will be the biggest test they ever take, because it will show whether they are good at the job they want to do. It feels annoying to have random nobodies come into my palace with enthusiastic faces. They should act like this is serious. Just a minute ago a group of people passed my room. One of them looked in here, like it was just anybody’s room. Can you believe that! I mean, it’s already rude enough to be walking around my palace like it’s a school tour.

December 11, year unknown

Today my explorer came back, so we sat for tea and talked about what he saw. He saw some amazing things. Like great civilizations. For example, I now know that they really like pillars in Parthia. I also found out that the West wants to be friends with us. I think I’ll accept that.

June 26, year unknown

I’m so proud of the Great Wall of China. It’s really great. Or so I heard. I haven’t actually gone there yet. I will go some day when the weather is right. I don’t want to be there with the snow or heat. I’m too amazing for nature’s weather.

4 responses to “Emperor Wu’s Teenage Diary

  1. So clever! I’d give her an A.


  2. If not an A certainly a B+!


  3. Very clever! I like the third entry the best! 🙂


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