The Evening Picnic



Today’s prompt for NaPoWriMo was to write a poem including words from this list of seashell names:

Peruvian Hat, Snout Otter Clam, Strawberry Top, Incised Moon, Sparse Dove, False Cup-and-Saucer, Leather Donax, Shuttlecock Volva, Striped Engina, Tricolor Niso, Triangular Nutmeg, Shoulderblade Sea Cat, Woody Canoebubble, Ghastly Miter, Heavy Bonnet, Tuberculate Emarginula, Lazarus Jewel Box, Unequal Bittersweet, Atlantic Turkey Wing.

So without further ado, I give you:

The Evening Picnic

The Atlantic Engina looked bittersweetly devout
With an incised tricolor miter balanced on its snout.
The Sparse Woody Dove was all about bling,
With jewel box beads glued all over its wings.
The Ghastly Volva with the bonnet on its head,
Looked like a leather Lazarus, arisen from the dead.
On its back the Peruvian Otter happily drank,
Using a cup and saucer, and never sank.
The Sea Cat in the top hat ate a strawberry,
The False Emarginula drank a very small sherry.
While the Donax with the tuberculate shoulderblade,
Took it easy on a niso mat, dozing in the shade.
The Triangular Clam floated on a heavy nutmeg bubble,
While the turkey waved his shuttlecock, looking for trouble.
Meanwhile the canoe moon poured its striped lunar light
Over this unlikely, unequal and unusual sight.

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