It’s the Honest Truth

A poem for NaPoWriMo.


The sun revolves around the earth,
Something’s wrong with Obama’s birth,
The dinosaurs missed Noah’s ark,
The Dark Ages were extremely dark,
The rhythm method is about the beat,
So keep to the right one when in heat.
God gave Americans their rights,
All Muslims have us in their sights,
Guns don’t kill people, as you know,
Those grieving parents are just for show,
Rush Limbaugh is never ever wrong,
Eating beef will make you strong,
Atheists are materialists,
Europe is totally socialist,
Science is mostly abracadabra,
That there critter’s a chupacabra,
FOX’s “news” is balanced and fair,
There is no pollution in the air,
But let me get to the point forthwith:

One response to “It’s the Honest Truth

  1. =D oh my …


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