How Do You Write?

A poem in twenty questions for NaPoWriMo.



Do you pen like William Shakespeare?

Famous tragedies like King Lear?

Or is Hemingway everything under your sun?

Is your goal a word count of 1?

Do you write like old Charles Dickens?

About Victorian pocket-pickings?

Is it Marcel Proust you emulate?

Are you working on book 8?

Do you write like D.H. Lawrence?

About sons and lovers’  inner torrents?

Ist Goethe (no R) your big idol?

Does his pronunciation make you suicidal?

Or is Steinbeck more your cuppa joe?

Are yer carrickers kinda slow?

Do you write like Oscar Wilde?

Or more like Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Do you compete with Thomas Mann?

In what year will your book be done?

Do you write like Dr. Seuss?

Or do you wonder what’s the use?

It doesn’t matter how or why you write,

As long as you write with all your might.

7 responses to “How Do You Write?

  1. Awesome. Did you write that off the top of your head or you put in some research? Ok you don’t have to give away your secrets, but nice job, a very cook poem


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  6. Thank you forr sharing this


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