Celebrating Spring Green

fuzzy green_edited-1Do you get drunk on green in the spring? I know I do. As a teenager, commuting to school by train, I would lean my face against the window and just drink in as much as I could of the deep May-green pastures rolling by.

img048Living in the Rio Grande Valley for twelve years, I didn’t experience much in the way of seasonal changes. The bougainvillea either bloomed or it didn’t–that was pretty much it.

Now that I live in Austin, I enjoy the seasons like never before. Autumn is my favorite, not only because of the colors, but because it gets cooler and after autumn we still get winter as well.

DSC_0147I’m ambivalent about spring. It means hot weather is on the way, and I dread that. The wildflowers are amazing, although their abundance varies. But the green! It really is intoxicating.

I walk along Town Lake and my eyes are constantly searching for the greenest green. I just want to lose myself in it.

But what is the greenest green? Is it the green of a few leaves close up?

green branch_edited-1

Or green against the blue sky?

green with sky_edited-1

Green in contrast with concrete?

green with skyscrapers_edited-1

Green along the also green river?

green under bridge_edited-1

The green where the sun shines on it?

green with canoer_edited-1

Or is it the depth of shadows in lots of green?

lots of green2_edited-1

Either way, I simply can’t get enough of it.

Do you know the feeling I’m talking about? Or am I crazy to post pictures of ordinary leaves and trees?

Let me know.

10 responses to “Celebrating Spring Green

  1. I feel the same way. Spring fever, I guess. Great pictures!


  2. Not crazy at all, I love the green of this type:


  3. You would go completely bonkers in Sri Lanka!


  4. I agree. Autumn is my favourite season too. I get anxious in spring, fearing drought and excessive heat, although where I live (Victoria, B.C., Canada) it never gets truly hot. Being a gardener, I find it hard to keep up with watering once our dry season (July to September) starts. But green — I certainly revel in it at this time of year — new leaves, maples in bloom, moss and grass — it’s everywhere, and so many different shades. Thanks for this post.


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