The Meridian Riot of 1871

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“The Meridian Race Riot of 1871: The Failure of the Rickety Reconstruction”

2 responses to “The Meridian Riot of 1871

  1. So.. by 1871 the 13th Amendment has passed six years ago and is well into being the law of the land. No slavery anymore. We can all breathe a sigh of moral relief that God’s will has been done. But wait.. what’s this? The once well-off Southern land owners are now unable to tend to their crops and harvest to market because overnight there is a manpower shortage (when you figure in the military losses during the war, including disease, there’s not a ton of able-bodied white folks hanging around in the South either). There’s also the Southern infrastructure that was destroyed by the Union military. The place is a social and economic mess. Plantations, warehouses, rolling stock, and the tracks themselves have for the most part been destroyed. So even if the crops could be tended to.. you’re not going to be able to transport it anywhere. Along with this “little” problem, there’s a few million former slaves out wandering the countryside happy as hell for their freedom but hungry as hell and unable to find paying jobs. And to top this all off.. everyone on all sides has guns and a gripe to settle.

    It seems to me those righteous supporters of the 13th Amendment failed to figure out what might happen after they imposed God’s will upon the land. I am totally surprised there weren’t more Meridian, Mississippis (which there were.. about 100 years later).

    My point… even the purest of intentions has consequences. Anticipating those consequences takes people of vision in the right places… which doesn’t always happen.


    • Actually, I understand that the Republicans put in place to rebuild the South were also trying to rebuild the railroads and other infrastructure. Maybe if the damn white supremacists hadn’t been so hell-bent on running them out of town, they would’ve gotten more done. But more on this in my next post.


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