And Then the Music…

DSC_0024_edited-1You can’t walk around New Orleans’ French Quarter or the Marigny without coming across street musicians.

They’re all amazing.

We spent quite some time listening to this lady singing and playing the blues with her band. She was fantastic. We bought a CD from her, but it’s in T’s car at the airport right now, so I’ll add her name in later. She’s probably on Youtube.


And this guy incorporated a conversation with me into his song, on the spot:


There’s supposedly this huge street band that has some really good performers that come and go. I think this might be it. We saw this band play two years ago:


And this photo of a street girl, that we also saw two years ago, is still one of my favorites:


One response to “And Then the Music…

  1. Great post! Where would we be without music?


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