Krewe du Vieux: A Fun Family Outing



When you think of New Orleans–if you ever think of New Orleans, that is–you think of music and Mardi Gras parades.

We saw the very first parade of the season: the Krewe du Vieux. Apparently it’s always extremely crude, but we didn’t know that.



It was funny, but the funniest thing about it was our 14-year-old daughter’s reaction to a float with giant breasts:



Or the one with a 10-foot penis and people walking behind it with sperms on sticks, some of them with top hats and mustaches–the sperms, not the people.



If R doesn’t become an actress, she can always get on the National Film Rating Committee. She has just the right sensibility for it:

“Oh my god! Really?”

“Don’t these people know there are children watching?”

“Tell me when I can look again.”

“Tell me if the next float’s appropriate or not.”

“This is definitely not PG!”

8 responses to “Krewe du Vieux: A Fun Family Outing

  1. Wow! Sounds like a wild time!


  2. Carnaval started here to, Limburg and Noord-Brabant!

    The parades have yet to come!
    But that rude?
    I don’t think so!


  3. Oh my goodness, we certainly don’t have parades like this. What fun and a fantastic reaction from your daughter. X


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